We offer:
  • our beautiful church buildings and the surrounding grounds and churchyard
  • the expertise of our clergy, Youth and Children minister and lay readers 
  • a safe and pleasant indoor or outdoor place for lunch and relaxation, with 4 toilets with wash hand basins
  • Risk Assessment of our premises.
  • all our staff who work with children have had a security check by the CCPAS and are available to help children learn and explore the following:

RE Themes—KS1
  • Believing
  • Story
  • Celebrations
  • Symbols
  • Leaders & Teachers
  • Belonging Myself
  • KS2
  • Beliefs & Questions
  • Teachings & Authority
  • Worship, Sacred Places & Pilgrimage
  • Journey of Life & Death
  • Symbols & Religious Expression
  • Inspirational People
  • Religion and the Individual
  • Religion, Family & Community
  • Beliefs In Action In The World

Non Fiction

Sc 1 Scientific Enquiry.
Sc 2 Life Processes and living things.
Sc 3 Materials and their Properties.

History and Geography 

Please contact the Church Office initially for more on how, and when, we could help.