Meet to Pray     

praying-handsPray for the world, the town, the church, your family - or let the group members pray for you. Our regular groups make a difference.

Mondays at 9.30am, foyer of St Peter & St Paul: general prayer
Mondays at  9.30am, St Peter & St Paul's prayer room: pray for our young people
First Wednesday of month, 8pm at St Philips: general prayer
Saturdays at 9am, lower lounge of St Peter & St Paul: general prayer

You don't have to say anything if you are new to praying in a group - just come and get the feel of the gathering.
Ring the church centre to check that weekday meetings at St Peter & St Paul are taking place, if it is school holiday.
If you woud like one-to-one prayer please arrange this via the Parish Office