Our Work in Tonbridge  

A church that serves its commu


Phone: 01732 770962 x 24
For prayer and practical support: helpc19@tonbridgeparishchurch.org.uk
For questions about our church: parishoffice@tonbridgeparishchurch.org.uk 



Open House 

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A Saturday morning hub for the Cage Green area. Hospitality for all! Drinks and cake, activities, toys and games in St Philip's church and gardens; frequent special events/visitors.  10am - noon; contact Wendy Carr wendy@tonbridgeparishchurch.org.uk
See Open House's facebook page for news, updates and encouragements.


Families Eating and Sharing Together - a Tonbridge initiative we are proud to be part of, providing fresh food to families on low income and hosting regular family lunches in school holidays. Read our latest report on FEAST lunches, summer holidays 2021 and FEAST larders here. 


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Many local schools visit for days and half days, getting professional coverage of many aspects of the curriculum, getting a feel for what church is like and simply having fun. 

Fun Club

An after-school club that we run at Cage Green in conjunction with High Hopes (see also above). We have games, a snack, a Bible story, a 'wondering time' and make crafts. Do you know a child in Key Stage 1 who attends Cage Green Primary School? Tell them about it, and for more information you can contact the YCF team or ask the school office.


Hospital Chaplaincy

Some members of the Parish serve as volunteers on the chaplaincy team at Tunbridge Wells Hospital, engaging in ward visiting and undertaking on-call duties.