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St Andrew’s Today

St Andrew’s has experienced a very interesting history (see timeline}. The building is by no means unique, as these lovely buildings can be seen dotted around the countryside in differing configurations. We currently can seat about 60 people comfortably, although examination of historic service records has revealed that on occasions, the congregation has numbered in excess of 100.

We have a congregation that ranges from toddlers through to nonagenarians, and they are valued within the parish for their warmth of greeting and their loving prayerful support for others, both at St Andrew’s and in the wider parish. We regularly pray for residents living in the adjacent streets, and we do hope that they feel the benefit of God’s loving embrace as a result of this. 

Visitors to the church are amazed when they enter and see how cosy the building is inside. Painted green outside, and nestling amongst trees in the corner of what used to be an apple orchard, St Andrew’s has often been passed by without being noticed, although the recent painting of the front fence in white, with contrasting “Beach Blue” gate has meant that we are not quite so easily missed now. We have many dog walkers passing by and there is always a welcome for anybody who would like to have “a quick look inside”.

Ministry is led by the parish clergy team, backed by a team of licensed readers who operate within the parish across all four churches. Terry Collins, one of the licensed readers has devoted a lot of his time to ministering to the congregation, and is absolutely passionate about St Andrew’s and its past, its present and its future. Terry is now being supported by Mark Crawshay-Williams, who is passionate about reaching out to the residents living around church, and making them aware that we are there and what God has to offer them.

God has established and nurtured a shining beacon of His love in the North of Tonbridge, in Hadlow Road for over 106 years. He has been faithful to the many congregations that have worshipped there during that time, and we have faith that He will always be there to help us through good times and bad. The prospects for the future are good, and we are sure that God knows exactly what He wants from each one of us; all we have to do is listen to what He has to say. Would you like to be part of the experience? We can thoroughly recommend it !!!

If you would like more information about anything to do with St Andrew’s, or would just like to have an informal chat with a friendly voice, do please get in touch with 

Terry Collins     07760 177508
Mark Crawshay-Williams     07952 580010