Our Work around the World

Across the world, we work closely with organisations and individuals providing practical and spiritual help, training and education. The group overseeing how we spend our money on these projects is the MISSION ACTION GROUP or MAG, chaired by Paul White.

Bishop Given and the Diocese of Kondoa: Tanzania

Bp Given Kondoa
Kondoa Diocese, about the size of Wales, is one of the poorest in Tanzania. Our parish and a few others in this area have raised funds for a Kindergarten - building completed January  2018. 

Feb 2021: construction of the new cathedral - get the picture in this short video here

More info on the Diocese website here, http://kondoa.anglican.org/ and on this report (Feb 2021)


The Langham Partnership

Langham photo 1
Trains pastors, equips students & leaders, distributes books; Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland, and the USA http://uk.langham.org/  
May 2021:
  • Hundreds around the world attended webinars marking John Stott’s centenary celebrations, with press coverage: see links on the Langham website for Chris Wright’s article in The Spectator, and also a piece in The Times
  • Virtual Preaching training continues in Albania, Cambodia, Guatemala, Liberia and Sierra Leone 
  • Langham Literature catalogues have gone out to hundreds of colleges in the Majority World
  • The Latin American and South East Asian Bible Commentaries make a great impact in many countries
  • Many Langham Scholars continue with their PhDs
Report of the year 2020 - 21 for the Langham Partnership HERE


The Lawrence Barham Memorial Trust

Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi

Cyanagugu 800x600
The Trust has been operating in East Africa since 1985, supporting the work of the Anglican Church. Projects have included a cathedral, two income-generating guest houses, schools, colleges, a medical center and houses for widows and orphans. The work of the Gospel is growing, and to train more pastors, the Trust have to provide accommodation, support and facilities - pastors in Rwanda are only supported by local donations. The Peace Guest House (photographed) completed with local labour and materials in 2016, accommodates many visitors, trainers and international groups, generating income. 


Overseas Mission Fellowship: the Gelsthorpe family, Japan

The Gelsthorpes are missionaries from the UK based in rural north Japan

Read about the Church's 7th anniversary and some of the clubs they will be trying out in the summer in their July 2021 update here