We're sorry if you've had a bereavement and will do all we can to support and help.  If you would simply like to talk to someone at this stage, please contact the Church office to arrange this.
If you are considering a funeral, your first point of contact should be through a Funeral Director, who will help you with all the necessary paperwork, be able to give you advice on the type of Funerals available to you, and book the Minister on your behalf.
If you decide to have a church service, your funeral director will pass us your details, and a member of our Ministry or Lay Team will arrange to meet you to hear about the person you have lost and start to plan the service.

Christian funerals can be an occasion of both sadness and sometimes great joy. Here (CLICK) are a few benefits of having a church funeral service.
Some frequently asked questions:

Can a funeral service be held in any of your four churches?
Yes, all four churches in our Parish are Licensed to hold funeral services.

Can we hold a burial in your church yard?
No, our church yard is not open for the burial of coffins, but we can conduct interment of ashes.

Can we scatter ashes in your church yard?
No, I am afraid that this is no longer permitted.