The Jane Austen Connection



We have the privilege of holding several memorials to people who were instrumental in the life of Jane Austen and her family. Her father, George, was born in Tonbridge and baptised here, in his Parish church, where he worshipped until he was in his late twenties. This is merely one chapter in the exciting story of the Austen's and Tonbridge. You can read all about the memorials in detail in the guide ‘Jane Austen and Tonbridge’ which you will find near to the Austen display case in the  Entrance Hall of the Church.

Jane Austen’s father, George, was born here in Tonbridge and attended Tonbridge School both as pupil and Second Master.  Jane’s grandparents are buried in this Church in the North Aisle.

You can explore further on the walk ‘In Austen Family Footsteps’ which tells the story of the associates and ancestors of Jane Austen and her family, the buildings they knew and lived in. The walk leaflet was devised by Tonbridge members of The Jane Austen Society.

You can purchase Margaret Wilson’s detailed story of ‘Jane Austen’s Family and Tonbridge’ (displayed in the display case) from the Tourist Office at Tonbridge Castle.  You will find free copies of the circular walk in the Church and Tonbridge Castle which will take you gently around the area that Jane’s father would have known as a boy.

The Tonbridge Project has uncovered the roots of Jane Austen's own story and has revealed an exciting part of our town's history. Come and discover the Austen's parish church and the part Tonbridge played in Jane’s own story. In Austen Family Footsteps , a circular walk around the Austen associated part of Tonbridge: HERE